Thursday, December 27, 2007

Utah Trip...the Finale!

So I found that amidst the whole Holiday hussel and bussel, finishing out the saga of the Utah trip was next to impossible. I've decided to do it now...
Day 5 brought a baby blessing and a family party with Aunt Susan and all over kids, grandkids, etc... It was nice getting to see everyone! We then spent the last night of our trip at my grandparents where the kids actually slept really well!!!! Hooray! It was so fun watching Kennedy and Zachary interact with Grandma and Grandpa! They let them play in the "toy closet" (one of my favorite places as a child) and Kennedy got to sleep in the princess bed (my favorite bed at Grandma's)! Gma and Gpa stayed up talking to Kourtney and I for hours and showing us his homemade christmas trees! In the morning we got the kids decked out in snow clothes and built a special apple snowman! Kennedy also had a blast making snow angels while Zach ran around like a wild man! (see below) It was then time to pack up and head home!
Our first flight went well, but our second flight was delayed about 2 hours, meaning we had to entertain the two darlings in an airport for almost 4 hours...yikes! Fortunately we made it the airport safely where a wonderful surprise was waiting for me!!! Kris was sneaky and came to the airport with Kris W. to pick me up! So sweet! Alas, the trip had ended and normal life could commence! I can't wait until the next Utah Trip!

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