Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Kris once again amazed me with his incredible craftsmanship! Our cabinets are in and they look incredible! The crown molding is gorgeous on them! My favorite is the knick knack corner piece! Also...big news on the homefront...WE HAVE ELECTRIC!!!!! KU came and set the pole today and Kris tested the lights tonight and they worked! There is still much to be done and we are still staying with Mom and Dad, but electric means we'll have AC soon and that means we can move in! Hooray! Nice work Kris!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Random House Pictures

Here are some pics of the house. Some of the rooms are completely finished and it is coming together nicely. All of our stuff is in the house, so some of these pictures are at odd angles! Sorry!

Monday, August 4, 2008

My hubby...

I have a great husband! He really is FABULOUS!!!! Saturday was our 6 month anniversary and although I was busy with my alumni game and he had taken the family out on the boat, he still managed to make the day special! When I got home (actually when I got to my parents house...we are currently homeless due to the move) from my game, all hot and sweaty, he informed me that he had to run to Kroger to meet his brother and hand off some Kings Island tickets. I thought nothing of it and jumped in the shower. Twenty minutes later he still hadn't returned so I text messaged him to find out where he was. He wrote back and said "Come and find me!" So I took off downstairs to the bedroom we're staying in and thought nothing of it when it was all dark, just how I'd left it. When I walked into the room and turned on the light I saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a card, and my cute husband hiding behind the bed! I was shocked and very surprised! He had snuck in the basement door so I wouldn't see the surprise! Afterwards we went to dinner and had a great time chatting about the past 6 months and all the other madness in our lives! What did I tell husband is amazing! :-)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Alumni Soccer Game

Well everyone...believe it or not, I survived! On Sat, Aug 2nd, I played in my 7th annual soccer game and it was a blast!!! The alumni had 11 gals show up, with me being the oldest on the squad. We won 4-2 and honestly believe it would have been 4-0 if we'd had any subs! The high school team, which I help coach, played well, but there is no beating old woman who are out of shape and are playing for their pride! I was incredibly impressed with the amount of skill displayed by the alumni girls, some of which haven't played in years. I swear soccer is like riding a never really forget how to do it! My best pal Kristen Porter played for the first time in quite a few years and did great! Twila Hall rocked the field with 3 goals and Lindsey Weinjtes came in with the 4th goal! All in all it was a great day of soccer, old friends, and new memories! Can't wait til next year! (Check out the pics the clashing clothing, Porter and I thuggin' it, the pouty faces due to the heat and the rest of the crew!)