Friday, May 18, 2012

Ready for it to be DONE!

We have wanted to sell our house multiple times over the past few years and start the process of building a new one, but I knew no one would live here with the yard in its current condition. So I gave Kris a list of things he could do to improve the situation and he has been hard at work on them...when he has any free time! (Which is RARE!)

Now a few week in, I am ready to officially be done! The boys have ruined countless outfits with the dirt, the place looks quite horrific and I need to check something off my list before I am chasing another little boy through all the muck!

Tomorrow is Saturday, which means another work day for Kris, and another day of occupying Brody and Bentley so he can actually get something done! Praying tomorrow is a bit more productive than some days in the past! And really hoping for good weather and no more dirt piles in the very near future!!