Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shamu move over!

I may not be this large...but I sure feel like it! Our little guy is still holding on...despite very loud and frequent protests from his mother! He has dropped a bit, which is a good, but I want him to go ahead and drop out! lol! I go to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully she has good news. Maybe like, "Kally- you're in labor! Let's get this kid out of you!" haha! Everyone keeps telling me he'll come when he's ready, but honestly, I'm his mother and I've told him to get this party started and he's simply not obeying me! Should this be cause for concern already? lol! I'll keep you all updated on the saga of Baby Barnett!

Oh...and one more thing! Kris and I have decided to draw his name out of a hat. We'll let you know what the winner is shortly!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Blake, as mentioned in my previous post, is quite the little man! He may be tiny, but boy is he feisty! He says very few words, mainly because the words he speaks seem to get him everything he could ever need! His favorite words are Momma, Num Num, Done, Book, No, and Papaw. Don't get me wrong, he says quite a few other words, but they are heard so seldom that we don't really count them! "Momma" and "Papaw" are the words that dominate his vocab and thus, dominate his life!
Funny thing is, the whole "Papaw" craze is a big joke at our house because most of the time the children are drawn to Grandma or myself. Although the kids love their Papaw, he typically isn't the favorite... Then came Blake. He has been screaming Papaw's name for MONTHS and can't get enough of his Papaw! He refuses to say our names, won't come to me or the rest of the crew without a fight, and overall, prefers either his mother or his Papaw.
My Dad sits on the stand at church and from the back pew you hear the word "Papaw" about a million times. When Dad is in the room, Blake MUST be with his "Papaw". He wants Dad to always be the one to hold him, feed him, play with him, etc...basically be his best friend! Dad lights up when the little guy is around because he gets 100% of Blake's attention! Below are some pics of Blake and his "Papaw". What started as a good time reading the newspaper together turned into a newspaper snowstorm, with Blake ripping the paper into a million pieces, grinning from ear to ear the whole time at his one true love, his "Papaw"!!

Scout and Blake

Just thought these pics were cute of my youngest niece and nephew playing together! Blake is 18 months old and Scout is 8 months old. There is something about blocks that brings children of all ages together! As you can tell, our little Blake is a tiny thing! But don't be fooled! He is BIG on personality!!!!

Baby Shower!

We are so blessed! After two baby showers (one given by my mother-in-law and and one given by my sister) our little tyke is pretty much good to go! He was spoiled rotten to say the least! Thank you so much to everyone who came, pitched in, and was so giving! I really don't know how people accumulate all the stuff you need without family and friends who care! It really is quite daunting! We are now in the waiting period... BLAH! I keep telling people that if we all pray at the same time for an early delivery, he'll shoot on out! lol! So start praying people! hehehe! Thanks again to everyone! Baby Barnett is very appreciative!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I want this bag!

Check out moopshop.com to see the most fabulous bag! Don't know why I'm so drawn to the Market Bag, but I am! I LOVE IT! Maybe, one day I will own it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Come Visit...

Just seeing if I reminded you of how much fun it was here if you'd maybe pack up and come see us in the Bluegrass State again! (did that sentence make sense?) Much love friend!

New Blog

My sister-in-law Kristin has just started her blog! If you know her, check it out!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

He might be HUGE!!!!

Got a call from the doctor today. Last week the fetal weight of my 34 week old child was 6 lbs 14oz, give or take a pound. Lovely. Just lovely. He is monster, regardless of the "give or take a pound" issue! I mean, if he gains a pound each week for the rest of his life, he'll be like 12 or 13 lbs when he is born. This is just nutty. Kourtney's kids were this size when they were born. I guess that's what you get for marrying a 6'6'' hottie! Only time will tell...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ultrasound Update

Went to the doctor this morning...and now I must say I am really confused! The ultrasound tech said everything looked fine (fluid levels, baby size, etc...) but the baby is measuring at 36 weeks, which is even crazier because I'm only 34 weeks and as I said before, on Monday my fundal measurement was 31 weeks. The tech can only tell you so much, but he assured me things were fine... I called in to my real doctor only to find that everyone was out of the office...oh joy! So hopefully I'll get some answers on Monday when they return and look at the results... As for now, I'm feeling much calmer, just wondering exactly when this baby might decide to pop out! lol! I'm hoping that I really am 36 weeks...the sooner he is here, the better!