Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shamu move over!

I may not be this large...but I sure feel like it! Our little guy is still holding on...despite very loud and frequent protests from his mother! He has dropped a bit, which is a good, but I want him to go ahead and drop out! lol! I go to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully she has good news. Maybe like, "Kally- you're in labor! Let's get this kid out of you!" haha! Everyone keeps telling me he'll come when he's ready, but honestly, I'm his mother and I've told him to get this party started and he's simply not obeying me! Should this be cause for concern already? lol! I'll keep you all updated on the saga of Baby Barnett!

Oh...and one more thing! Kris and I have decided to draw his name out of a hat. We'll let you know what the winner is shortly!


heidizinha said...

that picture grosses me out!

we're thrilled for you kally (and kris!). hope it happens soon.

Ryan and Laura said...

Are you really drawing his name out of a hat?! That is awesome. I seriously doubt you're big at all since you're such a hottie :) I hope you keep feeling great right through the very end. You're so close- and life will never be the same. I am so excited for "that moment" for you...when all of a sudden there is one more person in the room and your family of two has just become three. It is awesome! Love you lots- good luck with the next few weeks.

Tyson and Jen said...

hahaha. loved the picture - but pretty sure your not having like 5 babies - because if you were, than yeah you'd probably look that big! YOUR BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait for you to have Baby B - and I can't wait to come and see him. YEA!!!! :) We will keep you in our prayers!!

Megan Tea said...

I can't believe that girl in the picture can stand!
Your kid is so disobedient!!! Not too much time left. I am excited to hear the name you choose! I like the idea of drawing out of a hat.

Kourtney and Kris said...

Kally if the boobs were 40F it would look just like you!!

Leslie said...

I know how you feel..when you get this close to delivery you are REALLY OVER the person who lives in your belly 24/7. It's like you have baby seeping out your eyeballs..

Oddly, as soon as the baby is out, you forget EVERYTHING quickly. Just ask your mom-she had 8...she had to be forgetting somethign!!!