Friday, January 2, 2009

Ultrasound Update

Went to the doctor this morning...and now I must say I am really confused! The ultrasound tech said everything looked fine (fluid levels, baby size, etc...) but the baby is measuring at 36 weeks, which is even crazier because I'm only 34 weeks and as I said before, on Monday my fundal measurement was 31 weeks. The tech can only tell you so much, but he assured me things were fine... I called in to my real doctor only to find that everyone was out of the office...oh joy! So hopefully I'll get some answers on Monday when they return and look at the results... As for now, I'm feeling much calmer, just wondering exactly when this baby might decide to pop out! lol! I'm hoping that I really am 36 weeks...the sooner he is here, the better!


Megan Tea said...

OH, how funny! Like pick a side, Bucky! I know they told me that the ultrasound measurements get less accurate the farther along you get because the baby is bigger and more squished. Especially the head is harder to measure. Anyways, I am glad things looked good. And that would be nice if he came sooner!

Ryan and Laura said...

Glad everything seems to be okay. Those little babies like to move around a lot and the techs can only tell you what they see. Just trust yourself and ask LOTS of questions. Make sure you're comfortable with answers you get and the little boy will come in his own time :) Hope you're feeling great. You're almost done!!!