Sunday, January 18, 2009


Blake, as mentioned in my previous post, is quite the little man! He may be tiny, but boy is he feisty! He says very few words, mainly because the words he speaks seem to get him everything he could ever need! His favorite words are Momma, Num Num, Done, Book, No, and Papaw. Don't get me wrong, he says quite a few other words, but they are heard so seldom that we don't really count them! "Momma" and "Papaw" are the words that dominate his vocab and thus, dominate his life!
Funny thing is, the whole "Papaw" craze is a big joke at our house because most of the time the children are drawn to Grandma or myself. Although the kids love their Papaw, he typically isn't the favorite... Then came Blake. He has been screaming Papaw's name for MONTHS and can't get enough of his Papaw! He refuses to say our names, won't come to me or the rest of the crew without a fight, and overall, prefers either his mother or his Papaw.
My Dad sits on the stand at church and from the back pew you hear the word "Papaw" about a million times. When Dad is in the room, Blake MUST be with his "Papaw". He wants Dad to always be the one to hold him, feed him, play with him, etc...basically be his best friend! Dad lights up when the little guy is around because he gets 100% of Blake's attention! Below are some pics of Blake and his "Papaw". What started as a good time reading the newspaper together turned into a newspaper snowstorm, with Blake ripping the paper into a million pieces, grinning from ear to ear the whole time at his one true love, his "Papaw"!!


Tyler and JoAnna Hamilton said...

my little niece is obsessed with saying 'Papaw' as well!

...and with the man, himself, of course! :)

Hope you're feeling great!

BluegrassHoopster said...

So this is what retirement's like? Sign me up!