Sunday, May 31, 2009


We've had so many fun visitors lately! Alan Scherbel, the missionary that baptized Kris, came to see us from Wyoming for a few days!! Then Meredith!!!!, Berkley and Tanner came from Philadelphia to visit and stayed for four FABULOUS and WONDERFUL days! So good to see everyone, catch up on life, and relive old memories! We are so blessed to have such amazing friends! Scherbel and BrodyThe Hall Family!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Utah 2009

Brody, Mom, Kourtney, Kennedy, Zachary and I all went to Utah a few weeks ago! We had a fabulous time and got to see lots of friends and family!We flew out the day before the derby and the Louisville airport was packed with private planes! I saw Kris Kardashian in the airport and a bunch of fancy hat boxes too!Here is Brody chillin' with Grandpa and a huge piece of rhubarb! Brody loved meeting his great-grandparents!
Check out the incredible rainbow over the mountains in North Ogden! So divine!Brody got to meet a bunch of cousins on his trip! Here he is with Zoey! She turned one a few days before we arrived. They are almost the same size! lol Grandpa (wearing Kennedy's headband) and Grandma! I LOVE them to pieces!Brody and his second blowout within 3 hours of arriving in Provo! Thanks Brody!At J-Dawgs!!! Home of the best hot dogs on earth! Jayson, Heidi, and Mae were there to greet us! We got to see them a few times, which, along with the dawg, was a special treat!Meeting Aunt Joy! We had a wonderful time staying with her!Deer Creek Reservoir! Beautiful!!!!!
We also went to a Cinco De Mayo party with some of Jayson and Heidi's friends! Mae had a great time with the pinata. Brody had a great time with Joy!Adrianna and Tony also got to meet Brody! I haven't seen Adrianna since I moved back to Kentucky, so it was fabulous fabulous catching up with her!