Monday, April 21, 2008

Biker Babe

Today I had a grand adventure! Let me give you a little background! Last year Kris and I bought some really nice bikes! We both love to ride and decided we might as well buy something that's going to last. The weather has finally warmed up enough to get the bikes out of storage, and last night Kris broke down and bought me a bike rack for my car...and with both of these hassels out of the way, I knew today would be a biking day! I convinced my brother-in-law Kris to go on a little ride with me, which turned out to be torture and enjoyment all wrapped up in one! We headed down a road called Cranston (lets just say it leads you to the boondocks by way of hills, hills, and more hills) and after the first 1/2 uphill battle, I thought my lungs would collapse! Once I got some wind back in my sails, the rest of the ride was fabulous!!!! We had a great time and I am looking forward to many more, although I might avoid the dreaded "Cranston Road" for some time! I just have to say, I love biking! The minute I climb on my bike, I feel like a kid again! I'm sure Kris, Kris and I will be making many more memories on our bikes this year and I must say, I couldn't be more excited!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Kris left this morning around 5 am and afterwards I fell into a deep sleep. At 5:38 am I woke up to our house shaking, rattling, and rolling like crazy! The dressers were moving, the ceiling fan looked like it wanted to break free, and the amount of noise outside was incredible! Terrified, I lay very still for about 1.5 minutes until it all stopped. I had no idea if I was dreaming or hallucinating, but either way, I was freaked out! I called Kris, who was on his way to work, to ask if he'd felt anything. Of course he said no, so I was even more convinced that I'd gone crazy! I swore it was an earthquake and being as early as it was, there was no one to confirm my suspicions! When I woke up this morning, I logged on to facebook to see Leslie Galema's status say something about an earthquake as well. Now I knew I wasn't nutty! I called Mom and she confirmed! A 5.4 earthquake hit Illinois at 5:37 am...the largest in over 40 years. The quake was felt in many neighboring states and I'm sure scared thousands of people to death, like it did me! Fortunately no one was hurt and the only thing lost here was sleep! I must say, I've felt them before, but that was by far the largest and scariest...especially since I was home alone :-(

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jennilyn's Baby!!!

Just wanted to post a few pictures from my first visit with Mr. Jackson Keith Reynolds! Both Mom and Jackson are doing well! And oh he is such a cutie! I must say, although he isn’t blood, I still feel like a very proud Aunt! Congrats again to Jennilyn and Adam!!!

"Wanna Nuggle?"

I’ve decided to start prepping Kris for life as a Dad…no we aren’t expecting!!! His first training started with a sleepover with Zach and Kennedy (although I can’t say this is his first, since we’ve already experienced one sleepover with Blake) and it all worked out quite well. We got to the house around 8pm and the kids played with Kris while I showered. Afterwards I had to check some work emails, so Kris introduced them to the wonderful world of Scooby Doo, which they LOVED! (It was Kristian’s favorite show as a child!) After that, we set up the futon and had a snuggle fest. Zach said over and over, “Kris, wanna nuggle? I wanna nuggle. Please nuggle.” ADORABLE! After a bit of “nuggling”, prayers, and a few songs, we tucked them in and called it a night! Both slept peacefully through the night and woke up in great moods! I must say, our first sleepover and training session was a screaming success! He’s going to be such a good dad!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I absolutely love it when the weather warms up! Last week we had a few days in the high 70's, so the kids broke out their diapers, I broke out the camera, and we had an all out mud fest in Kourtney's back yard! I took Zach and Harper for a walk and when we got home, they wanted to play outside. Kourtney said no cause she didn't want them to ruin their clothes, so I came up with a much cooler option...diapers only! lol! Harper, Zach, and Kennedy had a blast, and after they had thoroughly covered themselves in mud, then their pal Mia came over to join them! It took me back to the good ole days when I used to play in the mud with Kory and Kody...good times!

Kristian's 26th Birthday

So we had two parties for Kris this year, and next Sunday he'll have another! The first was yesterday on his real birthday and we spent the evening at Rafferty's and at the movies! We ate dinner with Deatrah, Phillip, Stephen, and Shelley and then went to the movies with Kourtney and Kris. Today Kourtney had us over for another dinner and Kennedy said it was the best party ever! We had chicken pot pie and cake and Zach really enjoyed the frosting! Next week we're having the Kappes April birthdays dinner for Kristian, Kory, Kristin, and Kristopher. I'm sure it will be a wild event! Here are a few pictures from the parties!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Kris is actually asleep in the other room and I couldn't sleep due to that fact that my mind was filled with visions of Pottery Barn goodness, so I decided to hop online and check out their site. Turns out nothing has changed... It is still just too darn expensive for us! lol! However, while I'm on the topic of Pottery Barn, I must share wonderful news, since I believe that it is the Pottery Barn Outlet that made my breaking news happen!

Drum roll please..... One of my favorite gals from out west is moving to Columbus with her husband to go to Ohio State University! Oh yes! Jen and Tyson Crowther are going to be making the move east and I couldn't be more thrilled! As I spoke with Jen the other day and tried to convince that there are many wonderful things out here, I thought of dear, sweet Pottery Barn Outlet. After telling her of such a place, I think she finally made up her mind that maybe Ohio wouldn't be that bad afterall! lol! So maybe PB Outlet didn't have as much sway as I say, but I know it has definitely helped ease the pain of moving east for Jen! I'm just pumped to have one of my BYU friends within a days drive!

Also...JENNILYN HAD HER BABY!!!!! And...COURTNEY HAD HER BABY! Both are dear friends from way back and surprisingly enough, they both gave birth to beautiful, healthy boys on April 10!!!! I plan on visiting each of the new mothers tomorrow!

So much more to say, but I want to post some stories with pictures, so I'll get on that asap! Tomorrow is Kris' birthday and we plan on going to Lexington for dinner with his family and then a movie with Kourtney and Kris! Should be fun! Too bad the poor kid has to get up at 6am and drive to Martin, KY to sit through a 6 hour electrical license renewal class. Yikes! more thing! I'd like to give a shout out to Lori and Kellie for following through on one of my previous PB posting and purchasing very fabulous gifts from my favorite store! Thanks girls!