Sunday, April 13, 2008


I absolutely love it when the weather warms up! Last week we had a few days in the high 70's, so the kids broke out their diapers, I broke out the camera, and we had an all out mud fest in Kourtney's back yard! I took Zach and Harper for a walk and when we got home, they wanted to play outside. Kourtney said no cause she didn't want them to ruin their clothes, so I came up with a much cooler option...diapers only! lol! Harper, Zach, and Kennedy had a blast, and after they had thoroughly covered themselves in mud, then their pal Mia came over to join them! It took me back to the good ole days when I used to play in the mud with Kory and Kody...good times!


Kristen said...

Zack is prancing in the first photo. Those kids are so adorable!

Ryan and Laura said...

Happy Bday to your man. I think we should plan an almost 10 year reunion for some crazy fun place sometime in 2009 and all save up and go! Whaddya say? Hope you're doing great and the home building is going well.

benlei said...

pig pen party!!!!