Monday, March 31, 2008

A gold star for Mama!

I have to say that I have the most incredible mother! This month she gets the GOLD STAR when it comes to being fabulous! Feeling the need to serve, she decided to start sewing. Below you'll see a picture of all the dresses she made to send to the church humanitarian aid program. The dresses couldn't have buttons or zippers, because once those break, the dresses become useless to the little girls who have no way of fixing the broken items. However, to combat this and make the dresses have a girlier feel, she put all these sweet details on the dresses and even included hairbows! She's a saint! (No pun intended!) Overall she made 42 dresses. Aside from the eternal blessings I'm sure she'll receive for her good deeds, I think the greatest reward is knowing that she made 42 beautiful little girls smile! Nice work Mama!

Easter, a New Job, and a Date!

I've included some pictures from our little easter fiesta! It was great getting together with all the family and the kids had a great time on their Easter Egg hunt! Kris and I ate far too much food and afterwards we had some really interesting conversations with Kelsee, Jason, Kirby and Kristin! (You guys know what I mean!)
I also started working for More Than Mulch, brothers landscaping and construction company. CHAOS is the perfect word to describe that place. I'm basically just filling in for them while they hunt down a new office manager. If I didn't have my other job, I could work their full time, but my RBS job pays much better and is a lot more flexible...something I LOVE!

Kris has been working in Pikeville (about two hours away) the past few days and his exhausted when he gets home each evening. He has to get up around 5:15 am (he's a trooper!) and usually doesn't stumble in the door until about 7:00 pm. We have been eating dinner, watching some TV and then hitting the hay pretty early! We lead such an exciting life! hehhe!

And, I might as well include something interesting! We went on a date! A real date!We did dinner, shopping, and a movie in Lexington! After an hour in Target buying fun things with our wedding gift cards, we went to Rafferty's and I got the best salad on the planet, while Kris ate the most delicious chicken fingers known to man! We then headed over to the cinema to watch the movie 21. We both LOVED it! Very well done! And the best part is that it's a true story!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Wild Week

Shew! It has been a wild, wild week! Last Sunday started it off with speaking assignments for Kris and I at church, and then cute Jennilyn's baby shower right after. Monday was Kristen Porters birthday and the day I officially changed my license to Kally K. Barnett! Tuesday was filled with work, Wed. with more work, and finally Thursday, with more work! (I'm going to start helping with my brothers business, More Than Mulch, so I've had much to learn!) All in all, so far it's been a great week! Today I was able to get a lot done and enjoy the GORGEOUS weather!

Kris has been working like a mad man himself! Our house seat is almost done and I can't believe how different it already looks! I am also already imagining what the yard will look like with grass, trees, flowers, etc... and I am SOOOO excited to sit on the back porch and enjoy the evenings! I think I'm getting ahead of myself though...Kris hasn't even poured the footers yet! It's okay to dream, right?

I have to mention Wednesday quickly too! First off, we had the annual Easter Egg Hunt at church where the children went hog wild over all the eggs! Harper, Brady, Blake, Kennedy, Zach, and Haley all made it out to the event! They had a blast, although the "Egg Gatherer of 2008" award goes to Brady again this year! That kid is incredible!!! I'll post pictures when I have a chance to snatch them from Kourtney! Kris plays ball on Wednesday nights too, which gives me a chance to snuggle up in the recliner and watch the best show on television... America's Next Top Model! This week, as in weeks past, I was hoping Fatima would get the boot, but alas she remains. I guess she'll go when it's her time... (Man I really get involved in that show!)Oh...and yesterday I got my hair cut! Hooray! Carey McGrath Brown, for all of you Moreheadians who know her, did a FANTASTIC job! This is the haircut I've been wanting for over two years! I have finally found myself a stylist! Kris even said I look a lot less "Penecostalish" with my new cut! That is always a good thing!

Guess I'm off to snuggle up and watch a movie with my hot hubby! Aerobics and work in the morning and hopefully to Lexington on Saturday evening with Kris! I'll round out the week teaching in Relief Society on Sunday and enjoying a tasty Easter dinner. Peace!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our House

Ladies and gentleman, it's official!!!! Kris has secured land to build our house on! Hooray! We'll be building at the foot of some beautiful hills, close to town, and in a great neighborhood! Below is the front rendering of the house plan we've had picked out for months now! Kris and his studly father have done some tweeking of the plans and we think we're going to love it! Kris plans to start working on it this weekend, getting the dirt work done, etc...
It's going to be a three bedroom, two and 1/2 bath with a huge bonus room- a great place to put the pool table, tv, etc...! Now we can have quests, especially overnight guests (hint hint to all my friends out there) and we'll have a backyard for barbeques and bonfires! I'll keep you updated as we go! Considering our little tiny place, this is such a blessing! Hooray!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

What I learned in church today...

This might be the funniest story I've ever heard! The other day my oldest brother Kolby was on his way home with his three youngest children. Trying to encourage the kids to reflect on the lessons they'd learned that day, he asked Graydon, age 3, what he had learned. Graydon, in a very quiet, slow, and deliberate voice said, "I learned about the Spooooooooky Holy Ghost." Kolby not knowing how to respond, just chuckled. It's amazing the things kids put together on their own!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

random goodness...

10 years ago:
I was 15, a freshman in high school, and dying to go to the Prom! My parents wouldn't let me go since I was 16 yet! I was also a huge Rowan County Vikings fan (my two older brothers were the studly football players at the high school and I played Varsity soccer) and I was so excited to go the Billy Branch that summer to work on my tan! I was devasted when my sister moved away, so I was planning my first trip to Portland, and I got my first "real job"...(see below)!!! Life was so easy back then! Oh...and I thought I was fat. HA. If I had only!

5 things on my list to do today:
Workout- too bad some mean lady kicked me out of the aac
Fax in paperwork for two accounts I closed
Work the Regional Tournament
Watch America's Next Top Model
Snuggle with my hubby!

5 snacks I enjoy: tasty!
Chocolate, as long as it's milk chocolate
Cheesy Poofs, any brand will do
Mini Cadbury Eggs, found only around Easter...what a crime.
Sour Patch Kids, I could eat an entire box

What would I do if I were suddenly made a billionaire?
Pay tithing, pay off all my bills, parents bills, etc... Donate tons of it to the many "family related" organizations (ie: Tuberous Sclerosis, Dandy Walker, NVLD, Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc...) and then I would help pay off my siblings debt and set my parents up with a great retirement! After that, I'd buy some fun toys, like a house, new car, new truck for Kris, new boat, heck...I might even buy a private island! The possibilities are endless. Is it really smart to even ask this question?!?!?!

5 places I have lived:
Morehead- Forest Hills Dr.
Provo- Hinckley Hall
Provo- Heather Cove #8 & #16
Provo- Chelsea Condo's
Morehead- Piedmont B3

5 jobs I have had:
MSU print shop assistant- My pal Wendy and I had to staple 10,000 "response cards" into MSU pamphlets. It was cheaper to hire us to do it than it was to reprint all of them.
Shoney's waitress- did this for 5 years on and off. Still one of my favorite jobs!
Donut Froster @ BYU- went to work at midnight, headed home around 3am. Now we know where I picked up all the "junk in my trunk"!!!
Cougar Creations @ BYU- This was by far my favorite job! I got to meet tons of new people, had great hours, great pay, and a great boss! Not to mention, this is where I met Megan, one of my life long friends!
Dugout Media- What should have been my dream job turned into a nightmare when my boss refused to pay me my hard earned commission. Still fighting to get it to this day. I was working with huge clients, like Louisville Slugger, Airheads Candy, Nike, Under Armor, etc... I guess it really was too good to be true!

3 things you don't know about me:
I am terribly afraid of the dark
I love waking up really early and driving as the sun comes up! (Now for anyone who knows me, you know this probably only happens twice a year...I have a tendency to sleep in!)
I once had a pet flying hamster

Tragic Accident

For anyone who reads this, please visit Ashley, an adorable former roommate of mine is facing one of the biggest challenges in her life right now. Her husband, Sam was in a horrible snowboarding accident and is, as of right now, paralyzed. They have a brand new baby and were looking forward to raising their beautiful son when it happened. Sam is improving each day, but the doctors say there is a slim chance he will ever walk again. On a positive note, he was able to give his son a name and blessing this past Sunday, a true blessing from our Father in Heaven (see picture, right). Please keep Ashley, Sam, and the rest of their family in your prayers and please donate if you can. I'm sure most of you understand the finances of two college students... Thanks so much!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Tourney Time!

Well folks, we're back in action for the 16th Region High School Basketball tournament! My Dad is the tourney manager, so each year me and a few of my siblings get the pleasure of working at the games. Typically I'm on ticket duty, but this year I'll be over security...yes, all that weight lifting I've been doing has obviously been noticed!!! Kris will be helping with the parking and we'll both enjoy lots of free food and some great high school basketball action!

I'm know I'm a nerd, but this really is one of my favorite times of year! I love seeing all the people come out from their local communities to support their athletes and the excitment in the air is contagious! I doubt my high school alma mater will make it very far in the boys tourney, but word is that the girls should make an easy sweep of the region! Good luck Vikings!

It's off to work for me now! I wonder if they'll let me carry a badge??!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kute Kids

Just a few pictures of some of the cutest kids I know! From the pics you can see that we actually got some snow here! Enough to go sledding even! Kennedy was able to turn herself into an artistic masterpiece, and Blake is getting bigger and cuter day by day. I love these kids!

Construction Zone

There is nothing cuter than seeing your 2 year old nephew following around your husband with a large power drill in hand and saying over and over, "Tis (Kris), I wanna help!" Oh how stinking cute is that!!!???!!! And because my sister is brilliant and reminded me to photograph the event, I was able to grab the camera and catch it on film! Take a look!!!
Oh my goodness! Kris is so adorable!!!