Monday, March 31, 2008

A gold star for Mama!

I have to say that I have the most incredible mother! This month she gets the GOLD STAR when it comes to being fabulous! Feeling the need to serve, she decided to start sewing. Below you'll see a picture of all the dresses she made to send to the church humanitarian aid program. The dresses couldn't have buttons or zippers, because once those break, the dresses become useless to the little girls who have no way of fixing the broken items. However, to combat this and make the dresses have a girlier feel, she put all these sweet details on the dresses and even included hairbows! She's a saint! (No pun intended!) Overall she made 42 dresses. Aside from the eternal blessings I'm sure she'll receive for her good deeds, I think the greatest reward is knowing that she made 42 beautiful little girls smile! Nice work Mama!


The Tea Leaf said...

ahhh! your mom is so great.

Berkley, Meredith and Tanner said...

Oh I love your mom! Sweet!