Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter, a New Job, and a Date!

I've included some pictures from our little easter fiesta! It was great getting together with all the family and the kids had a great time on their Easter Egg hunt! Kris and I ate far too much food and afterwards we had some really interesting conversations with Kelsee, Jason, Kirby and Kristin! (You guys know what I mean!)
I also started working for More Than Mulch, brothers landscaping and construction company. CHAOS is the perfect word to describe that place. I'm basically just filling in for them while they hunt down a new office manager. If I didn't have my other job, I could work their full time, but my RBS job pays much better and is a lot more flexible...something I LOVE!

Kris has been working in Pikeville (about two hours away) the past few days and his exhausted when he gets home each evening. He has to get up around 5:15 am (he's a trooper!) and usually doesn't stumble in the door until about 7:00 pm. We have been eating dinner, watching some TV and then hitting the hay pretty early! We lead such an exciting life! hehhe!

And, I might as well include something interesting! We went on a date! A real date!We did dinner, shopping, and a movie in Lexington! After an hour in Target buying fun things with our wedding gift cards, we went to Rafferty's and I got the best salad on the planet, while Kris ate the most delicious chicken fingers known to man! We then headed over to the cinema to watch the movie 21. We both LOVED it! Very well done! And the best part is that it's a true story!


The Tea Leaf said...

You look really good in those Easter pictures. Sounds like your date was fun! yay dates!

Ryan and Laura said...

I read the book that 21 is based off almost makes me want to head down the stret to The Strip and give it a shot...but wait, we don't gamble- dang it! Hopefully Ryan and I can get out on another date soon- that really does sounds like you guys had a good time. Even more so when you can spend money that was gifted to you!

Jason said...

So Kelsee and I talked about the "interesting conversations". I too thought they were "interesting" (for lack of a better word), and she acted like I was off my rocker. She didn't think there was anything unusual at all about them. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

After 13 1/2 years, you'd think I'd adjust to life with the Kappes clan.

lesliebg said...

the little one in the blue and yellow coat HAS to be Kody's...

he looks JUST LIKE HIM!!!!

all those neices and nephews of yours....soo cute! (was there ever any doubt though??)