Friday, March 21, 2008

Wild Week

Shew! It has been a wild, wild week! Last Sunday started it off with speaking assignments for Kris and I at church, and then cute Jennilyn's baby shower right after. Monday was Kristen Porters birthday and the day I officially changed my license to Kally K. Barnett! Tuesday was filled with work, Wed. with more work, and finally Thursday, with more work! (I'm going to start helping with my brothers business, More Than Mulch, so I've had much to learn!) All in all, so far it's been a great week! Today I was able to get a lot done and enjoy the GORGEOUS weather!

Kris has been working like a mad man himself! Our house seat is almost done and I can't believe how different it already looks! I am also already imagining what the yard will look like with grass, trees, flowers, etc... and I am SOOOO excited to sit on the back porch and enjoy the evenings! I think I'm getting ahead of myself though...Kris hasn't even poured the footers yet! It's okay to dream, right?

I have to mention Wednesday quickly too! First off, we had the annual Easter Egg Hunt at church where the children went hog wild over all the eggs! Harper, Brady, Blake, Kennedy, Zach, and Haley all made it out to the event! They had a blast, although the "Egg Gatherer of 2008" award goes to Brady again this year! That kid is incredible!!! I'll post pictures when I have a chance to snatch them from Kourtney! Kris plays ball on Wednesday nights too, which gives me a chance to snuggle up in the recliner and watch the best show on television... America's Next Top Model! This week, as in weeks past, I was hoping Fatima would get the boot, but alas she remains. I guess she'll go when it's her time... (Man I really get involved in that show!)Oh...and yesterday I got my hair cut! Hooray! Carey McGrath Brown, for all of you Moreheadians who know her, did a FANTASTIC job! This is the haircut I've been wanting for over two years! I have finally found myself a stylist! Kris even said I look a lot less "Penecostalish" with my new cut! That is always a good thing!

Guess I'm off to snuggle up and watch a movie with my hot hubby! Aerobics and work in the morning and hopefully to Lexington on Saturday evening with Kris! I'll round out the week teaching in Relief Society on Sunday and enjoying a tasty Easter dinner. Peace!


The Tea Leaf said...

oooo.... I need new haircut pics!!!!

Kaylinn said...

Love the posts! Happy new Hair Cut. Happier new home building. And I LOVe that you put me as Kaylinn "fabulous" wright. Have I mentioned you're simply the best!!! Pretty much I'm in love with you!

Ryan and Laura said...

hey there lady. It sounds like your life is crazy lately. Hopefully you still squeeze in time for some fun. I would love to see some pics of the new 'do also. I need some inspiration of what to do with my locks...currently I am stuck in boring mom mode :)

Berkley, Meredith and Tanner said...

I'm eating mini cadbury eggs and missing you!!! We need to get together! Love you!