Friday, November 28, 2008


  • Thanksgiving was fabulous! Whole family (29 + unborn baby) all got together! Good food and good fun!
  • Baby's room is all trimmed out and waiting for carpet...which will come early next week!
  • I ordered the crib! Hooray! Went with the classic white...will look best in the baby's room.
  • Used my Cocoa Motion for the first time hot chocolate!
  • House is slowing coming together...dining room/living/bedroom look terrific!
  • Kris became an Elder last Sunday at Stake Conference! Hooray! He said he was going to be a "Baby Blessing Machine" :-)
  • We now have 6 chairs in our dining room, which means we can have people over! You're all welcome anytime!
  • Mom finally bought new couches! The other ones are only 17 years old! It was DEFINITELY time for a change!
  • Kris and I still haven't decided on a name...some things take time!
  • Made two pies for Thanksgiving that actually tasted somewhat decent!
  • Soccer banquet is next much to do, no time to do it all. AHHHHH!
  • Baby shower tentatively set for Jan. 17th at Kourtney's...more info to come.

  • Hope all is well in the lives of all my fabulous friends and family! Happy Belated Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday's!!!! Love you all!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Peppermint Ice Cream

Another guilty indulgence of mine...Peppermint Ice Cream. This was something else I picked up in college...thank you Meredith and Graham family! Add a little chocolate syrup and we're good to go! I've already bought a carton and I'm thoroughly enjoying it! lol! Trying not to eat too much at a time kicks like crazy from the sugar! I only wish it was available all year long!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So folks, there he is...the one and only Donny Hathaway! For those of you who don't know who he is, let me fill you in... He is the greatest Christmas singer of all time! Okay, so maybe not the greatest, but his song "This Christmas" is by far the BEST Christmas song of all time! I found the song my freshman year of college and have loved it ever since! I even hung Donny's picture on my door because my love for him and this song was so deep! Well Christmas is right around the corner, which means it is time to bring Donny back to life! I listened to the song about 10 times today, moving and grooving the whole time! Wonderful! Laura and Meredith...I know you appreciate this post...having heard this song close to a million times at Hinckley Hall! To all who read this, please download "This Christmas" by Donny Hathaway and fill your home with Christmas joy!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby Clothes

Just had to post some pics of the cute clothes we've been given lately! (These are my favorite!) Hanna gave us the adorable sweater and the striped outfit, which are even more fabulous in person! I love the little beanie... it will be perfect cause this kid will be here when it's COLD outside! And we're thinking he will come home in the snuggly cream sleeper that Kourtney found at Gap Outlet! The blue sweater one piece outfit might be the most adorable thing ever! It's funny because no one wants to buy him clothes yet because if he is anything like his dad, he'll be 3 feet long at birth! So I have a few things here and there, along with a pile from Kristin, but like I said, we're all still a bit hesitant about sizing! Less than 3 months left! Hooray!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


This picture says it all-she really is an angel...

Kris and the Pumpkin

Just thought these pictures were cute of Kris, Zach, and the giant bean bag pumpkin Kris made for church! Boy do I love my two studs!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Mummies

We had a Halloween party at Kourtney's house and I decided to go all out (hahahahahaha) and make a fun treat for everyone. I made cute mummies that not only looked adorable, but tasted great as well! I literally had to fight off Kris and Kirby! They took a while, but it was a fun way to be festive and get into the Halloween spirit! The kids had a great time trick or treating, while Kris and Kris W. got creative with their pumpkins! Sunshine and Brent Smith came over for the party as well...all in all it was a great night!

My Dad...

So small town politics is always rough, and unfortunately being a good person and doing the right thing doesn't always mean you get what you want and or deserve. Dad didn't end up winning, shocking friends and family alike, but he was up against the current mayor and the whole city council...many of whom weren't looking for the type of changes my father wanted to put in place. I guess Morehead wasn't ready for vision or a positive change. I got a little sad about it last night... Dad is such a good, honest man, and I know he was disappointed, but he is also one to keep moving forward, doing incredible things with his life! I know whatever endeavor he chooses to do next will be done with perfection! He is beyond talented, the smartest man I know, and the kind of father every girl dreams of having!

Dad- I am so proud of you! Mayor or not, you're still #1 in my book! Thanks for showing us all that it's okay to go for your dreams! I love you!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting and Baby Boys!

So today is the big day for not only our nation, but my father as well! Here in Morehead we had a chance to vote for President and for Mayor, which is a big deal, since ole pops is running! Kris and I voted around 11 am and had about an hour wait...which is great because that means so many people are voting! The people at the polls said this was the largest turnout they had ever seen in Morehead! Let's hope the people of Morehead choose correctly (voting for Keith) and that the people of this nation chose correctly (....!!!!????.....)! We get the results of the Mayor Race around 7 pm...yikes! I am praying we're having a celebration party at that time!

As for other news...Kris and I are having a baby boy! We've known for 1.5 months about him, but didn't want to post anything because none of my family in Utah knew until our trip a few weeks ago! I am due Feb. 10th and although I'm very excited, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed! Thanks to everyone for the very sweet comments about my baby feels odd to have this little guy growing inside me and watching my whole body GROW! I've also always been a very active person, so not being able to run and do my crazy aerobics each day is wearing on me! No worries 3 months I'll be able to get back on the streets, running like a mad woman! We haven't decided on names yet...we know the middle name will be Phillip (after Kris and his father), but other than that, everything is still up in the air! I feel much better now, after having been extremely sick until a few weeks ago. I'm still nauseous and the doc says I'm a bit anemic, but other than that, all is well!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trunk or Treat

We had a great time at trunk or treat this year! Kourtney planned basically the whole thing and it was a screaming success! There were over 125 people there...which is AWESOME!!!!! Kris helped by making the cute pumpkin for the pumpkin bean bag toss and I had a booth where the kids got to dip pretzels in orange chocolate and then roll in sprinkles. There was also pumpkin bowling, a face painting booth, lucky ducks, fishing, foam candy corn creations, etc...tons of stuff for everyone to do! The ward really pitched in with the food too! Lots of hot dogs, beans, pies, etc...!!! Oh and the trunks were better than ever! One family got sarcastic with Dads mayor signs...we all thought it was pretty funny! Below are some pictures! Enjoy!Haley as a High School Musical Cheerleader
Shayla-I loved her outfit! Very "fallish"!!!A spooky scene by one of the trunks!Brady and I! He was such a cute pirate!Dad's signage...someone has a great sense of humor!
Kayla at my booth!