Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Mummies

We had a Halloween party at Kourtney's house and I decided to go all out (hahahahahaha) and make a fun treat for everyone. I made cute mummies that not only looked adorable, but tasted great as well! I literally had to fight off Kris and Kirby! They took a while, but it was a fun way to be festive and get into the Halloween spirit! The kids had a great time trick or treating, while Kris and Kris W. got creative with their pumpkins! Sunshine and Brent Smith came over for the party as well...all in all it was a great night!


Ryan and Laura said...

Hey Kally! I just saw your comment on an old post. I hope we can get it all figured out about which way of getting this kid here will be best. I'm a little nervous right now but I get to learn more and make a decision at my next appointment (a few weeks away). Also, to answer your question, I did breastfeed. I was lucky that Tyler was always a good eater and caught on quickly. Do the girls in your family do formula? I know it was odd to nurse Tyler at my in-laws because she formula fed all her kids. Email or call sometime if you have questions :) Oh- and I'm totally jealous you are so tiny still. I'm hoping to make it a few more weeks without maternity clothes!

heidizinha said...

those mummies are so dang cute.

The Masons said...

Love the mummies!! Halloween parties are SO MUCH FUN!