Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting and Baby Boys!

So today is the big day for not only our nation, but my father as well! Here in Morehead we had a chance to vote for President and for Mayor, which is a big deal, since ole pops is running! Kris and I voted around 11 am and had about an hour wait...which is great because that means so many people are voting! The people at the polls said this was the largest turnout they had ever seen in Morehead! Let's hope the people of Morehead choose correctly (voting for Keith) and that the people of this nation chose correctly (....!!!!????.....)! We get the results of the Mayor Race around 7 pm...yikes! I am praying we're having a celebration party at that time!

As for other news...Kris and I are having a baby boy! We've known for 1.5 months about him, but didn't want to post anything because none of my family in Utah knew until our trip a few weeks ago! I am due Feb. 10th and although I'm very excited, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed! Thanks to everyone for the very sweet comments about my baby bump...it feels odd to have this little guy growing inside me and watching my whole body GROW! I've also always been a very active person, so not being able to run and do my crazy aerobics each day is wearing on me! No worries though...in 3 months I'll be able to get back on the streets, running like a mad woman! We haven't decided on names yet...we know the middle name will be Phillip (after Kris and his father), but other than that, everything is still up in the air! I feel much better now, after having been extremely sick until a few weeks ago. I'm still nauseous and the doc says I'm a bit anemic, but other than that, all is well!

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Ryan and Laura said...

Hey Kally. Hope the election went well for your daddy-o! The country could use one honest politician ;) I didn't know you were feeling so crummy- glad you're feeling better though. And, nobody tells you that one of the hardest parts of pregnancy is being mentally okay with gaining weight...lots of weight, quickly! I had such a hard time with it and I am this time around too. It's a strange feeling when you spend so much time trying to keep the weight off. I don't think guys will understand that part ;) I am looking forward to seeing more pics of your house and your cute baby bump (tiny as it is)