Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So folks, there he is...the one and only Donny Hathaway! For those of you who don't know who he is, let me fill you in... He is the greatest Christmas singer of all time! Okay, so maybe not the greatest, but his song "This Christmas" is by far the BEST Christmas song of all time! I found the song my freshman year of college and have loved it ever since! I even hung Donny's picture on my door because my love for him and this song was so deep! Well Christmas is right around the corner, which means it is time to bring Donny back to life! I listened to the song about 10 times today, moving and grooving the whole time! Wonderful! Laura and Meredith...I know you appreciate this post...having heard this song close to a million times at Hinckley Hall! To all who read this, please download "This Christmas" by Donny Hathaway and fill your home with Christmas joy!


Kristin Kappes said...

Wow..Kally...I had no idea..I thought your favorite by far was Josh Groban...??? Or..is that Kourtney's??

Ryan and Laura said...

If people don't know who Donny Hathaway is then they definitely didn't live in the dorms with you ;) I hope I get to hear a bit of the good music this Christmas! How are you feeling? Are you guys doing anything for a nursery yet? Hope you are doing great.

The Halls said...

I LOVE DONNY HATHAWAY! I've heard the song a few times this year so far and of course I think of you. Nothing will ever compare to listening to Donny in the dorms! I miss you! "hang up the misteltoe, i'm gonna get to know you better..."