Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Dad...

So small town politics is always rough, and unfortunately being a good person and doing the right thing doesn't always mean you get what you want and or deserve. Dad didn't end up winning, shocking friends and family alike, but he was up against the current mayor and the whole city council...many of whom weren't looking for the type of changes my father wanted to put in place. I guess Morehead wasn't ready for vision or a positive change. I got a little sad about it last night... Dad is such a good, honest man, and I know he was disappointed, but he is also one to keep moving forward, doing incredible things with his life! I know whatever endeavor he chooses to do next will be done with perfection! He is beyond talented, the smartest man I know, and the kind of father every girl dreams of having!

Dad- I am so proud of you! Mayor or not, you're still #1 in my book! Thanks for showing us all that it's okay to go for your dreams! I love you!

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Ryan and Laura said...

Sorry to hear that pawpaw didn't win :( Like I said, the world needs more honest people in politics. I hope that he is able to find some way to share his ideas. Look forward to more pictures and posts!