Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trunk or Treat

We had a great time at trunk or treat this year! Kourtney planned basically the whole thing and it was a screaming success! There were over 125 people there...which is AWESOME!!!!! Kris helped by making the cute pumpkin for the pumpkin bean bag toss and I had a booth where the kids got to dip pretzels in orange chocolate and then roll in sprinkles. There was also pumpkin bowling, a face painting booth, lucky ducks, fishing, foam candy corn creations, etc...tons of stuff for everyone to do! The ward really pitched in with the food too! Lots of hot dogs, beans, pies, etc...!!! Oh and the trunks were better than ever! One family got sarcastic with Dads mayor signs...we all thought it was pretty funny! Below are some pictures! Enjoy!Haley as a High School Musical Cheerleader
Shayla-I loved her outfit! Very "fallish"!!!A spooky scene by one of the trunks!Brady and I! He was such a cute pirate!Dad's signage...someone has a great sense of humor!
Kayla at my booth!

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