Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day 3 of Utah Trip

What was going to be a wonderful, fun-filled day of shopping and enjoying the sights of Salt Lake ended up being a little less magical! As I climbed out of Joy's snuggly bed on Day 3 of our adventure, I found myself feeling a little ill. Not wanting to complain, I got ready and called Megan for a quick trip to the BYU campus. It felts like years since I'd been there and all these memories came rushing back to me! Megan, Q, and I went to the new Hinckley building (which I must say is INCREDIBLE!!!!) and over to our old stompin' ground- Cougar Creations. We took a quick look through the bookstore, bought some BYU gear, and then headed over to meet Kourtney. We said our goodbyes and promised to see each other soon!
Time to pick up Uncle Dane! We fetched him from UVSC and headed back for a little Christmas shopping in Provo. About this time my stomach really started to rumble. I had to make a quick stop at the school where Joy teaches to pick up the infamous red suitcase and by the time we made it to the store, I was in pain. Unfortunately, I was left feeling this way for the rest of the day...yuck!
Salt Lake City here we come! I had been looking forward to going to Gateway Shopping Center and Temple Square the whole trip. I just hadn't been looking forward to it in the condition I was in! Resting on a bench for 45 minutes helped a bit, but I didn't get to eat California Pizza Kitchen and I didn't get to do any shopping. However, I was able to convince Zach to go visit Santa. He was a stud!
Obviously shopping wasn't working out too well, so we decided to take a chance and head on over to Temple Square. It was a nice evening, perfect for looking at the lights and enjoying some hot chocolate! Below will be quite a few pictures! The kids loved the fountains the most! In fact, Zach stuck his whole leg in one! lol! I loved the serene feeling of being on temple square and all the amazing lights! We tried to find the new "I am a child of God" interactive exhibit, but never did happen to stumble across it. I must say, those kiddies were a handful! I was constantly chasing them down, trying to get them to stop crying, wiping noses, etc...all the while feeling like I was going to...well...there I go again with the intimate details! I'll refrain.

We said goodbye to Dane around 7:30 and decided to take a quick stop in Deseret Book. That was disastrous as well. Zach jumped out of the stroller and spilled two gigantic pops EVERYWHERE and Kennedy wanted to touch EVERYTHING! When we got back to the hotel, my old college friend Jeff came to visit. It was great seeing him and catching up on his life.

I know it sounds like the most awful time, but despite all the "flaws" in our day, it was really quite wonderful! One thing I can say for sure, there was nothing better than the sound of two rowdy kids, snoozing soundly! Who knew what the next day would bring!

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heidizinha said...


i can't wait for you to have kids. that's pretty much what life is like--chasing them everywhere and cleaning up messes. but somehow, its unbelievably amazing.