Sunday, December 9, 2007

Day 2 of Utah Trip

Let's see....where did I last leave off? Oh that's right...the night of the never ending puking! I'll try to refrain from spilling such intimate details in the future, but I wanted everyone to share with me in my night of misery!
Day 2 was looking to be much brighter! Me, Kourtney and the kids made it to the airport, were successful in getting through security with all of our "stuff" and settled in for a long trip. Kennedy only used three doggie bags on the plane, and Zach was content as long as he had his DVD player!
After a quick RUN through the Denver airport and a scare during the landing in Salt Lake (we were about to land when all the sudden we took off into the air again...there was a small plane that hadn't cleared the runway....eeks!), we finally set foot on Utah soil!
First stop...rental car madness! To be brief, the woman working at the Budget counter obviously hated her job!!!! However we got an upgrade for free and I got to spend the next four days driving a Dodge Avenger! If anyone is thinking of purchasing this car, I'd give it 3 stars. It was nice, rode well, but it had HORRIBLE blind spots and uncomfortable seats!
We finally headed South on the I-15 after spending 45 minutes trying to get all of our "stuff" into the car! I wanted to see BYU and so we headed that way! I decided to take pictures of all of my old "homes" at the Y. See below!
Now for the good stuff! Costco. Oh dear Costco. Typically considered one of my favorite bulk stores, this Costco trip turned out to be nothing short of a disaster! Let me give you one clue: BLOWOUT. Anyone who has children or who has been around children understands what I mean by this. Out of the top of the shirt, the back of the pants, and the down the pant legs, Zach had the blowout of all blowouts! As I said before, I'll be brief in the intimate details, but let me just say, the kid had to strip down naked in the parking lot and basically get hosed off by baby wipes. Inside the store was left a trail get my point.
Can you see why I said the puking the night before was a bad omen? Yep. It only gets worse!
Shortly after the Costco blowout, Kourtney and I depart. She ran off to Heber to see her old friends the Websters and I went to see my sweet Megan and her baby boy Quincy! He was thrilled to finally meet Aunt Kally and I must admit, I was pretty darn happy to see him too! I spoiled him with a new outfit and had the luxury of taking a brief nap with the Q-Tea when I did a little kid watching!
Megan and I had a great time reminiscing about good times and I got to see her adorable new place! We then headed to Provo Town Center for some grub! Joy arrived on the scene about this time and the good times continued to roll!
After dinner Joy and I said goodbye to the Tea's and set off on an adventure of our own! I got to see Joy's adorable apartment and meet her fabulous roommates! I also got the chance to talk to Kris, who claims he was missing me like crazy, but I think he was enjoying his freedom! lol!

It wouldn't be a trip to Provo without seeing Heidi and Jayson and their beautiful daughter Mae! Wow! She's a keeper! A spitfire, high energy, precious, bundle of love! We chatted about life, parenthood, my new engagement, etc... What's wonderful about Jayson and Heidi is that they are SOOOOO in love! You can tell in everything they do! And...I must say, Heidi is a great mom! I was able to witness the nightly ritual and I can say that Mae will never have cavities! I wish them all the best of luck in the future!
It's now getting late and I was beyond the point of exhaustian, so Joy and I went home to a cozy bed and another 2 hours of chatting! Silence set in around 1 am and I drifted into dreamland, praying that the next day would bring clean diapers and a little less puke....


Megan and Geren Tea said...

that was so much fun... COME BACK! just kidding, Kris would miss you too much... probably

heidizinha said...

it was so great to see you kally! thanks for making time for us!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Heather Cove how I miss you!!!