Sunday, December 16, 2007

Day 4 of Utah Trip

Day 4 started out with a wonderful surprise! Snow! And lots of it! When we woke up on Saturday morning there was about 6 inches of snow everywhere! Wonderful, gorgeous, white, clean, snow! I felt like this was God's way of cleansing the earth...and maybe our trip...however, I found that I was WRONG! lol

We started our trek north. Our destination, Preston, Idaho. (Yes, that is where Napolien Dynamite was filmed!!!!) We stopped at my cousin Jeremy's house for a little post-baptism party. At his house we were able to see all of my Aunt Cindy's family as well as my grandparents! We visited for a couple hours and then got back on the road. We stayed the night at my Aunt Cindy's house in Preston and also got a chance to see my Aunt Tracee and Uncle Darrin for a few minutes. I wish we'd had more time with them though.
All sounds well, and all was going well, until bedtime! Zach and I cuddled up for a long winter's nap and slept soundly for about 2 hours. Then Zach woke up screaming. I quieted him down and he eventually fell back asleep. An hour later, he did it again. At this point, I could tell something wasn't right. Maybe it was the screaming child or the rank odor in the room...whatever it was, I decided to fetch a towel for Zach to sleep on. About that time the little guy started spewing. So at 5:30 am I had to clean up puke, among other things, run a bath for a the sick cutie, and then get cleaned up myself. Let's just was another LONG night!

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