Friday, December 7, 2007

Day 1 of Utah Trip

Off to Utah! Hooray! Let's just say I was soooo excited to be going! It had been a year and 5 months since I was last there, and I was itching to get back to my mountains! Kourtney decided we would stay the night in Cincy the night before our departure due to an early flight, so I kissed my man and waved goodbye! We brought along some handy-dandy DVD players, which were used right off the bat. Below is Zach, fast asleep with his headphones on!
Once we arrived in Cincy, we did a little shopping at Gap Outlet and then headed to the hotel for a little late night swimming. If we had only known what the night was going to have in store for us.......
1:30am I finally fall asleep. Zach was cuddled next to me, Kourtney and Kris were in the other bed, and Kennedy was asleep on the hide-a-bed.
2:16am Kennedy wakes up to tell Kourtney she doesn't feel well and ends up puking all over Kourtney's shirt.
2:30am I fall back asleep
2:45am More puking, this time, on the beloved blue blankie.
3:00am Kris decides he is going to wash blue blankie in the bathroom sink and dry it on the air conditioner/heater.
3:30am More puking/crying for blue blankie (which at this point is still soaking wet!)
4:00am Kourtney goes in search of clear liquids
4:30am More puking/crying for blue blankie (which isn't drying very fast)
4:45am I doze off finally...
5:00am Kourtney is a great mom and goes in search of dryer to speed up the blue blankie drying process. Success is found at the Country Inn's and Suites!
5:30am More puking/relief at the sight of clean blue blankie
5:45am Sleep. oh Precious sleep.
7:00am Time to get up/get the kids ready/pack the suitcases/load the van/grab puke buckets/go to the airport, etc....
I guess I could summarize by saying this was the longest night in the history of the world. What a way to start the trip! We should have been smart and taken this as a bad omen....


Megan and Geren Tea said...

oooooo I'm in suspense! what happens next? what happens next!!???!?

Kelsee said...

And Day 2? And 3? And 4?

Must we wait forever?

You're such a tease!