Saturday, July 26, 2008

House Update

Just a few pictures to show you what Kris has been up to at our new home! We move out of our townhouse on Wed/Thurs and plan on staying with family for a week or two until the house is completely done. We're waiting on the people from the electric company to come set our pole and for the garage door to come in. We also got blasted by the news that our interior doors were going to come in about a week behind schedule, meaning our trim, carpet, hardwood, etc...can't be done yet. Kris is stressed to say the least, but he's keeping a smile and working VERY hard! The paint looks INCREDIBLE and I LOVE the tile! It's hard to tell what it looks like from these pictures since they were taken at night, but it gives you some kind of idea. Forgot to photograph the dining room, my favorite room in the house...argh! Also don't have the office picture up either. It's pretty snazzy too! Will get those up asap!Newly poured garage floor. Boy it is shiny right now!The kitchen! I can't wait to see what the cabinets look like in this room! Yay!
One of the extra bedrooms! I love this green! It's hard to tell what the color looks like, but it's fabulous!The living room. The color is a bit darker than pictured and we're waiting to put crown molding on the can see where the paint isn't finished.The master bath! A light blue that looks AWESOME with the tile! It's very refreshing! The laundry room...just showing you the tile. Grout will be done by Monday!


Kristin said... looks really good...we will come and see it soon...remember...if you need any help moving...just let me know...or any help with anything else...!!

Ryan and Laura said...

it looks beautiful! I love the paint colors. I love the tile. I love the ceilings. We are moving this week too (hopefully). We had our first walk through this morning and hopefully our final walk through on wed. sign papers thurs. move in Friday/Saturday! Whew- you know how moving is ;) Hope you are hanging in there. It really looks breath taking. I want to come see it in person!

Brian and Camilla Freeman said...

Hey Kally,

I came across your blog...hope you don't mind that I checked it out. Your new house looks FABULOUS! So you're married now I see...Congrats! What's Kory up to these days?

Ryan and Laura said...

Hey Kally! We survived our move and I hope you do/did too. New homes are so awesome! Just thinking of you...hope things are going smoothly for you guys. I know the end of our experience was CRAZY- but now we're here and living in OUR house. So fun!... also you'd better still be calling me when you're coming to Las Vegas. I'm only about 10-15 min from the strip.