Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blake's Bday Party

Blake celebrated his 1st birthday over a week ago and the family had a great time! We cooked out at Kirby's house and Blake had a turtle birthday cake because the kid looks just like a turtle! He LOVED his cake and all the kids thought the toys were a blast! Melissa stood her ground with Kris W. by attacking him with a water gun and the bouncy balloons I brought were enjoyed far more by the adults than by the kids. All in all it was a great evening! The pictures below give you a better idea of our day...my favorite is Blake taking a nap before the big event started! And Kelsee's face below is classic!!!


Kristen said...

Oh my Blake is an adorable kid! I love the picture of him sleeping in his crib! He looks to precious! I can't believe how those kids are growing!

Kelsee said...

Hey, thanks for putting the nastiest picture of me on your blog! You will pay for this!!!!!