Saturday, July 12, 2008

Black Beauty

Oh do I have a story for you! Last week amid the holiday affairs, Hannah, my seven year old niece, had a mild breakdown. The family was all getting ready to head to the lake and there sat Hannah, complete with a bright pink cast on her arm. Feeling horrible that once again she couldn't participate in all the water fun, I packed her up and headed to the movie store where she got to rent two movies of her choice. A special treat for our injured lad. Twenty minutes later she was no longer a teary-eyed girl as she sat down to watch Black Beauty and a very random Barbie movie.

Folks, this is where it gets good! Tonight as Kris and I are heading home from the lake, he informs me that he's going to stop at the movie store and see if there is anything good. I was in my own vehicle and decided to come on to the house. Just after I nestled into a hot bath, my phone rings. It's Kris asking me, "Kally, did you rent Black Beauty and Barbie something something or other?" Just remembering the movies for the first time in 7 days I fess up and let him know that I'd rented them for Hannah and blah blah get the point. He then comences to tell me that he's been giving the lady at the movie store a piece of his mind for ten minutes and trying to convince her that he DID NOT rent Barbie and Black Beauty. He tells her to look at the other movies he's rented lately...all of which are very manly and bloody. He lets her know that he DOES NOT have children or enemies who would rent movies like that on his account. In desperation, he puts a password and id verification on his beloved rental account. As he pays for his new movies, the lady says sheepishly, "Well I didn't think you looked like the Black Beauty type of guy."

At this point in the story I'm almost drowning because I am laughing so hard. In fact, I'm laughing as I type this! Oh how I wish I coud have seen his face when she announced to the world that, "Sorry sir, you have two late fees on your account...Black Beauty and Barbie." I hope none of us forget that I married a very manly man, all 6 feet 6 inches of him! He drives a duelie. He does construction for a living. His arms are the size of well fed pythons. Oh but alas...I guess even the manliest of men sometimes get in the mood for the classics...Black Beauty anyone?


Ashlee said...

thats funny

Kristin said... know you like Black Beauty...!!!!

Kristen said...

One of my favorite posts! I could just picture it all unfolding in my mind! Poor Kris, in love with childrens movies, and to ashamed to admit it! haha!

George and Ashley said...

OH MY!! That is HILAROUS!! How embarrasing that I'm alone laughing in my cubicle right now!!

Lauren Wilson said...

that is hilar. I laughed alone in my cubicle too:)

Tyson and Jen said...

hahaha! love it! pretty sure tyson would react the same way! bahaha!

Oh, can't wait to hangout with you two!!! yea!!!!

Ryan and Laura said...

the end is getting near. Are you guys almost ready to move in? Our home had flooring in today when we checked. Just needs a few finishing touches still- but it's close! Hope your home is coming along too. Good luck packing & moving.