Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July, 2008

Wow! What a weekend! Kolby, Danielle and the kids came down from Ohio so we had the whole brood together...all 28 of us! Unfortunately the rain put a damper on our lake plans, but since there are so many of us, it's a party no matter what we do! On the 4th we had a cookout at Mom and Dad's house with friends and family alike. We played volleyball, road bikes, did crafts, and made a lot of food! Dad and the tourism commission worked really hard to get the fireworks show back in Morehead this year, so I felt awful when the rain came and spoiled the show. (They were hard to see, very sparse, and just not what we're used to!) Many of us sat under the canopy on the pontoon boat in the driveway and enjoyed the show regardless of the poor weather! Funny site to see! On a reflective note, everyone of us couldn't help but notice the absence of Thom Yancy, who passed away in the fall. He was our go-to 4th of July ice cream man and he was dearly missed. We love you Thom!

On the 5th we had another party! Kolby did a great fireworks show last year and was pumped to do another this year! The 28 of us got together with even more friends and neighbors out on the farm and had an even greater time! We did foil dinners and cobbler, which was oh so tasty! Then as it got dark, Kolby set up his master fireworks show! And oh what a show it was! About 100 times better than the city's and the kids absolutely loved it! We had everything you could have asked for, some of the fireworks even going 400ft high! Incredible! By the time the show was done we were all exhausted and so we parted ways.

We had church together on the 6th and then parted ways later that day. It's always so wonderful to get together as a whole family and this years 4th topped every other. We are all so blessed! Enjoy the pictures!


Kristen said...

All the kids are adorable. Especally sweet Savvy. I think I will always be partial...but all the kids are little angels! I can't believe how fast they are growing up! WOW! I miss all of them!

Kristen said...

PS...I miss Thom and the 4th of July ice cream! I thought about it this year, and said a little prayer for Judy and his close friends and family. Good memories!

Ryan and Laura said...

Kally- I couldn't read all of your comment because half of my computer screen is black...lame. It is getting replaced in about two weeks. I think you needed my number so here it is. 949-632-5289- that is my cell so call anytime. Don't know what it was for but use it. Love to hear from you.