Monday, December 29, 2008

My Hubby Hubby!

Saw this on Megan's these kind of things!

what's your husbands name?
how long have you been married?
Almost 1 year
how long did you date?
A little over a year...I knew him for over a year and a half
how old is he?
who eats more sweets?
Depends...we both have a sweet tooth!
who is a better singer?
Definitely Kris!
who is smarter?
Kris claims I am, but we are smart in different ways. I'd say we're equally brilliant!
who does the laundry?
who pays the bills?
Both of us
who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
I do!
who mows the lawn?
Davin, Kris' brother
who cooks dinner?
I do...yuck!
who drives?
Both of us...
who is the first to say they are wrong?
Um...yikes...that is a tough one! I think it is split 50/50. I used to never say it, but I'm getting much better! I hate arguing...
who kissed who first?
I swear I kissed him, he swears he kissed me!
who asked who out first?
I got his number...
who wears the pants?
Kris...only when I'm not home! lol :-)

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Megan Tea said...

I didn't know you got his number! That is so awesome. I always loved how not shy you were.