Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Decor

A few pictures from our home during the holidays! I could take pictures of everything, but I don't want to bore everyone! My Nativity! Oh it is gorgeous! Perfect! Wonderful! One day is will look incredible on the mantle!
The adorable wall with shelving between the dining room and living room! So cute with Christmas stuff! The stockings are generics...Mom is trying to finish our homemade ones!
Our tree all lit up! Makes the house feel so cozy! I may leave it up until July!
Our cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute tree! Oh I love Christmas!


Kristin said...

Very Cute Kally..I need to come and see it..but it will have to be w/out kids...don't want them to mess up your decorations..

The Masons said...

I love it!!!! Well done:)

I totally agree with you about the coziness of a Christmas Tree!

Megan Tea said...

looks so beautiful!!!

The Halls said...

Your house looks great. I totally want to come curl up on your couch and fall asleep. Very festive!