Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Big Dance

Go Eagles! A whole group of the family had the opportunity to travel to Dayton, OH on Tuesday and cheer on the Morehead State Eagles in the opening round of the NCAA tournament! It was fabulous! We all were decked out in our blue and gold and Grandma made all the kids fancy shirts to wear (including Brody)!!! The place was packed, with the highest attendance ever for a play-in game! The best part was that we WON!!!! Unfortunately that means we play Louisville, ranked #1, tomorrow... However, we're all still very proud of our team and the fact that we're even in the tournament! Tickets for Friday's game were a bit too steep for my taste, so all the Eagle fans in the family are going to get together and watch it on the big screen at Kourtney's! Should be a blast!

Below is a picture of Brody in his MSU gear! Everyone at the game went nuts over our little man! And he was a champ! I fed him right when we got there and he hung out and was a peach the whole time! Just looked around, snoozed, and enjoyed his first basketball game! If we have anything to say about it, this kid will definitely be a basketball fan!


Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

your little monkey is so cute! how much does he weigh now?

Ashlee said...

How Fun! Love the outfit.