Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer has arrived!

So last weekend we had great fun out on the lake with the family! Danielle and the kids came down from Ohio and we were able to enjoy the sunshine out on the lake. Kelsee, Jason, Haley, Cameron, Kris, Savannah, Kennedy, Mom and Dad came too! Kris was the big hit with his boat and the kids all wanted to ride, ride, and ride again! I water skied for the first time and after I was done, Graydon told me that he wanted to "water skate"!!!!
Kris had two softball games last night and although his team didn't win, the boys had a great time! Deatrah and Phillip came to watch which gave me in-law bonding time! And...soccer is going really well too! We started dead period today, which means 2 1/2 weeks without any contact with the girls. I just hope they continue to run and practice, that way they don't lose everything they've worked so hard to gain. This should be a great season!

The house is also moving along nicely. Insulation was installed today and the HVAC is almost done. It already looks completely different! Drywall goes up on Thursday and the siding is almost completed (see pictures)!!!! I can barely sleep at night because I'm so excited to move into that darn house!!! I'll continue you to keep you posted! The backside of the house...


heidizinha said...

wow kally! its happening so fast!

Ryan and Laura said...

beautiful! I am so looking foward to more pictures. We are still on schedule to close on July 31st. CRAZY. When do you guys anticipate being done? As for decorating on my part...pretty much every cent will be going to the mortgage so decorating might be a few months (or longer) down the road ;) I'm always looking for tips on how to make the home look good for less moola...any suggestions?