Monday, June 16, 2008

Rowan County Soccer- Relay for Life

I love these girls! Here is a picture of us after we won the best decorated car at the Relay for Life! It's going to be a great season!


The Tea Leaf said...

you look so cute, and it seems like you are having so much fun. I miss you! Are you serious about visiting us? That would ROCK!

Ryan and Laura said...

Thanks for praying for must have worked because he is already looking sooo much better! We will have to post a new picture. It really is night and day :) And- about the house...we are buying a new house in southwest Las Vegas. It should be done July 31st. We just secured our loan yesterday and we already have the house under contract! I still can't believe that we are moving and we are going to buy a brand new house. How is your home coming along?

Ryan and Laura said...

Still waiting for new pictures of the home!! Ryan took some today on his lunch break so I'm sure I'll be posting tonight :) Hope you're doing well. You sure sound busy.