Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bridezilla at her finest!

Wow. I never thought I'd be anywhere close to being a Bridezilla, but the other evening just about pushed me over the edge and forced me to become the ULTIMATE BRIDEZILLA!!!! After working for hours to compile all the addresses and type them into a document on Mom's computer, I thought I was all ready to stuff and address the envelopes. Well me and the "girls" (Kristin Kappes, Kristen Porter, Mom, Sherry Adkins) arrived at Mom's house to find that not only were there no pictures available, but her computer had also crashed, died, bit the dust, etc... In other words, all my work was LOST! All the hours of work were completely LOST!
I thought calling Kris would make it better, but he's a logical man, not an emotional woman, so his response should have been expected, "Why didn't you back up the file?" Oh my...wrong thing to say to me at that moment! He later realized his mistake and wrote me a very sweet text message, so all was forgiven!

Everything ended up working out and me and the girls laughed about it later that evening, however you can ask any one of them and they will tell you that if someone from the tv show Bridezilla had been filming me, there would have been some classic footage! I'll try to keep it under control from here on out...I just hope the dress still fits! lol!

Hope to see you all on Feb. 2nd at 2:30. And if you're far away and can't make it, know that I love you!!!!!

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