Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween was wonderful this year! We had a full day, starting with pumpkin pancakes, peaches and orange juice! Bentley reacted to the dye in the pancakes and had a very red face for about an hour! After bathing and getting ready for the day, we went to see a house that Kris is remodeling and then go $.50 corn dogs at Sonic! After that we hit up the new indoor bounce center and the boys LOVED it! Brody helped me make some witches brooms and green pudding for the church activity, the kids napped and then it was time to get suited up! We attended the church trunk or treat in Owingsville and with a turnout of about 150 people, had a grand time! Food, games, friends, and loads of candy helped make the evening perfect! Brody told me all day, "today is Halloween! It's finally Halloween!" The weather was awful beforehand, due to hurricane Sandy, but right as it was time to go trunk or treating, the rain let up and the kids were able to do their thing! 
 Brody was excited for two whole weeks before the big night and about a week before, was able to assist his Grandma Kappes in making his Polar Bear costume! He wanted to be a skunk, but told us "Grandma didn't have the right ingredients to make it", so he settled for his bear costume! She had plenty of white fur and although mom complained she had no clue how to make a polar bear head, I think she did an amazing job! He told people he was a scary polar bear and would then growl at them! He has grown up so much in the past two months, which is hard for me to witness, but so fun at the same time! When it came time to trunk or treat, I figured he would hold my hand and stay with me like last year. Boy was I wrong! He took off all on his own, and was about 6 cars ahead of me the entire time! Hard to let go of my baby sometimes...
Bentley really wanted to be a bear, and would say "I'm a bear!!"  but I knew he would grow far too fast and the darling lion costume wouldn't fit him next year. He was content with it and really liked when we put the whiskers on his face! He was a champ the whole evening and never once complained about his huge head piece! He stuck right by my side pretty much the whole night and after about ten cars, warmed up to saying "trunk or treat" quite nicely! He loved holding his pumpkin bucket and you could tell he was shocked that people were just freely giving him candy! I do believe he was the most loved costume of the evening!
Braxton, my sweet little guy was the world's cutest cow in Blake's old costume! I was kinda bummed he was too small to wear the penguin, since both Brody and Bentley wore it their first Halloween, but seeing as how he was born in a completely different season and is much smaller than the other two, we had to find a different option. Kristin offered up the cow and I couldn't say no! He snuggled with people in the ward and watched, wide-eyed, at the commotion. As always, he won the hearts of all with his sweet personality. 
After we left we stopped at Mom and Dad's to show Papaw the boys in their costumes. Dad was busy helping with the community trick or treating event and wasn't able to go to the church function. He loved seeing the three wild animals in person! 

We really had a great time! I always get sentimental when I reflect on days like yesterday. Seems like life passes by so quickly and I have no way of slowing it down. Most times I wouldn't mind a pause button for life. The boys will only be small for such a short time and it just seems unfair that time literally has to fly by! Nights like last night help me slow down a bit and enjoy the moments that will someday mean so much.  I am so blessed! 

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