Friday, September 4, 2009

Ten things I need to do...

I'm a huge list maker...just ask my husband! They are everywhere! In fact, Kourtney joked the other day that I could use the back of one of her envelopes to make another one... I write them on everything! And typically I complete about 7/8 of them and then create a new one! However, there are ten items on my list that desperately need to be done, but I'm putting off doing! I am hoping that creating a blog list, I'll feel a bit more motivated to do them! Yeah right!

1. Put together shelving for office
2. Wipe down all the baseboards in the house
3. Organize the master closet
4. Hang clock in office
5. ORGANIZE/COMPLETE office. It is 3/4 of the way done...just dreading the last part
6. Taxes
7. Mop Kitchen Floor
8. Paint bedroom furniture
9. Buy a new cell phone
10. Do a thorough thorough cleaning of master bathroom...again. (I feel like I do this all the time!)

Let you know how it goes! lol!

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Kris10 said...

I have totally made lists on the back of envelopes. Why not, your just gonna throw it away. Your just being resourceful. When you buy a new cell an iphone. Totally worth the extra money I promise. But don't let Brody drool all over it. haha. Save the old one for that. Man I miss my baby!