Thursday, September 17, 2009

7 month check up

Well our little guy went to the doc yesterday, a new pediatrician that we absolutely LOVE! Her name is Brandy Fouch and she is in Mt.Sterling! So excited to have a real pediatrician for him and to get sane answers to our questions.

Brody is growing like a weed and all is well! He weighed in at 25lbs 3 oz and is 30 inches long! He is in the 99th percentile for both height and weight, which is great with me!

He got three shots, cried for about a minute and then was my sweet, happy boy the rest of the day! I am so lucky! He really is the best kid!


Ryan and Laura said...

Oh my goodenss! He is one big boy. Jacob might be able to rival his numbers ;) We'll just have to see. You look great in all of your pictures. If only Kentucky were a little closer to NV! We've actually had 3 or 4 families move in to our ward from KY in the past month- random huh?! I don't think any were from Morehead though. It always makes me think of you!

Megan Tea said...

I love big babies! That picture looks a lot like you. Lucky boy.

Kris10 said...

I'm totally smitten. I love you munchkin.

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