Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow much fun!

What do you get when you have below freezing temps, lots of rain, snow, sleet, warmer temps, drastically dropping temps, wet snow, and more big fat flakes????

If anyone guessed Kentucky, give yourself a big pat on the back! The past week has been INSANE here in the Bluegrass State! We've been through the worst winter storm in the states history, mainly because of all the ice, and just when things were starting to thaw and the power was starting to come back on, we got bombarded by another storm! How fabulous! (I hear the plow trucks outside my window as we speak!)

Over 500,000 Kentuckians have been without power (we got extremely lucky in Rowan County and didn't have many power issues) and 92 of the 120 counties are in a state of emergency. Many places may not have power for weeks due to all the tree/powerline damage. The pics I have posted don't do much justice for what has gone on here... The ice was 2-3 inches thick on everything at one point, the rivers were all flooding, and the snow just made things that much worse. Not to mention the fact that we have only had 1 day above freezing in the last week, making it almost impossible to fix all the problems.

Snow days are fun...but not everyday for almost 2 weeks! My sisters and their kids are going crazy with cabin fever! Fortunately I have a hubby who scrapes and salts the driveway each day, so I can get out if needed...especially if this kid decides to join us! I love winter, but this is a bit extreme! Definitely a winter no one will forget for a long time!The view from our house... That 5 inches of snow with 3 inches of ice to seal in the freshness!
Click on this to really get a good look!
So SAGGY! Pine trees don't normally look like this!!Love all the ice!
Triplett Creek...about 5 feet higher than normal.
All that pretty stuff on the trees is ice! Awesome sight to see!


Joy said...

That is exactly what it looked like winter of 06 when yours truly was out tracting in it. We were interviewed by the news because they thought we were crazy for being out on foot. We lost power for three days and I have never been so cold in my life. It was an adventure. Oh Kentucky!

Ryan and Laura said...

So beautiful...so cold! I sure hope the hospital you're delivering at doesn't have any problems. I am so excited to hear the big announcement. Are you feeling better yet? I hope you are because you are going to love life in about a week (or so) Can't wait for pictures of this little man!