Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here comes baby...

This is the story of my labor/delivery-

-Went to the baby doc on Wed. at 10:30 am. She checked me and told me she didn't think a baby would be coming any time soon, but you never know what could happen. I went home expecting to see her the following Wed...ahhh!
-Around 3:00 I use the bathroom and something is different... Call my sister and she says it's probably just because the doc had checked my cervix
- Continue to have odd stuff when I pee and I keep leaking everywhere... It's like I'd completely lost all bladder control...nothing significant though so I shrug it off
- Kris and I get ready to go to my sisters house around 6:30. Right before leaving I "pee" all over myself...but not like a gush, so I just ignore it, change and head to Kourtney's.
- Kris and Kris W. get ready to leave to play bball at church when I "pee" on myself again. Kourtney takes me into the bathroom and informs me that my water was broken...hence the loss of bladder control! oops!
- Kris and I head home to pack our bags, shower, etc...
- Arrive at the hospital at 8:30 pm. They check me and sure enough, my water is broken
- Get my first IV ( I was TERRIFIED) and managed to live through it! Actually I got two...the first one didn't work! Yay!
- Set up shop to stay the night. Kristen Porter comes to visit and Kris gets ready for a long night. I was having contractions, I just couldn't feel them. At midnight they give me morphine (another first) so that I'll sleep.
- 6:30 am the Baby Doc shows up and lets me know I'm dilated to a 1 and 90% thinned. Things are looking good. They start pitocin.
- 8:00 am the Baby Doc checks me and I'm having harder contractions and dilated to a 4. She asks if I want an epidural and I say no...thinking it was going to get much worse and I wanted the meds to work the whole time!
- 8:30 am I change my mind and decide I'll take the epidural. Who knows how fast this will go!
- 10:00 am my epidural is FINALLY in! It took 3 tries and I my contractions were pretty strong the whole time. Starting to feel good... Dilalted to a 6 now.
-11:00 am dilated to a 9 and feeling great!
- 12:00 pm starting to feel quite a bit of pain. Dilated to a 9 and wondering how much longer! The epidural doc lowered my dosage so I would feel the pressure...but now I'm feeling the pain???
- 12:30 pm I am really starting to hurt. And I mean REALLY. Getting frustrated as I try to get help from the nurses and docs and no one is responding. My sister Kelsee was getting red at this point too!
- 12:45 pm Still no relief. They've pumped me full of meds but nothing is working. I'm feeling EVERYTHING! Baby doc says we should start pushing...
- Oh the misery and agony! lol! After three pushes they inform me he has hair! I think to myself "great...this will all be done in about three more pushes!" I was wrong!
- Push until I want to die! And then bam! Out pops a baby! HOORAY!
- My first words were, "What's wrong with his head? He looks like a cone head!" (The drugs were really kicking in and they had just given me two more pain killers... yikes!
- The rest is history! I was in a very drugged state for about 3 hours afterwards and don't remember much, other than that Kris took to being a Dad instantly and that we had the most beautiful son EVER!!!!!!

Prior to going to the hospital. My water had broken about 5 hours earlier...I just didn't know it!
Quite the belly! At this point I was swollen all over! Head down to my toes!Kris and I before going to the hospital. We were both nervous and excited. We had no idea what was going to happen!Me acting like a goof ball! Isn't this gown gorgeous? Still feeling pretty good Wednesday evening!
Kristen and I at the hospital... Good times!Kris trying to get some sleep... He stayed up the whole night before. I think his nerves were working overtime!


Kristen said...

I'm so happy that Brody is here. He's really such a sweetheart. Congrats a thousand times over!

Joy said...

only you would pose like that! I love it!

Megan Tea said...

I love knowing the details! And the posing was quite amazing. My water broke with both of my babies, but didn't send me into labor either. (well, not enough anyways.) I was on Pitocin with both. It stinks that your epidural didn't work all the way through. Pushing SUCKS! But, so glad everybody is healthy!

krista griffiths said...

Congrats Kally!!! He is sooo adorable!!! Can't wait for more pics :)

BluegrassHoopster said...

Congrats on the beautiful baby!

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Patrick & Adrienne said...

congrats again :) they upped my epidural at the end so that i wouldn't feel the pain or anything and they just told me to push. i think i felt pressure, haha. but when i even felt any pain that gave me those "shots" of epidural in the part they tape to your gown in the front. you progressed much faster than me too! i basically ran out of my bottle of epidural! haha. so way to go you! :)