Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Papaw Kappes for Mayor!

On Oct. 16th the whole fam got together to help Dad do a little campaigning at the annual Homecoming parade! Kris pulled the trailer that we loaded down with hay bales, mums, and grandkids. All the grandchildren wore shirts that said "Papaw Kappes for Mayor" on the front and then "Vote Kappes" on the back. They were ADORABLE! Hanna, Kristin, Cameron, and myself all rode along as well. We passed out candy as the kids screamed "VOTE FOR PAPAW"!!!!! It was a blast, despite the short thunderstorm and the kids loved it. This Saturday we are doing a campaign blitz in Morehead and are going to try and hit up every home! I really hope this works and that my Dad gets elected! I know he's do a terrific job! He always gives 100% and that is just what Morehead needs! Here are some pics of Blake and Kennedy wearing their shirts throughout the week to support Papaw!


Joy said...

Go Big Daddy! I am so excited and proud of him. He has my vote!

The Halls said...

If I lived in Morehead, he'd get my vote too! Go Papaw!