Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kris' Truck

It's a well known fact that Zachary loves Kris. He loves everything about him! He loves spending time with him, going to our house, playing with Kris, riding in Kris' truck, going on Kris' boat, etc... At night when he prays, he prays mostly for Kris and myself... "Bless Tally will come see me." "Bless Kris wuv me." "Bless Kris take me for a wide in his twuck." You get my drift...!

Well back in May Zachary got a big red truck for his birthday. It came with a construction worker man that had bulging biceps. At the time he didn't think much of it, but within a few weeks it had been labeled "Kris' truck" and it never left his side. If Zach gets in trouble, that is the first thing to go. When he plays, that his first choice. And it wouldn't be Kris' truck without Kris...that sexy construction worker that fits right inside!

Here is a picture of Zach with the infamous truck. As you can see, it's bit dirty and the doors are now missing, but this toy has provided hours of entertainment! Kourtney asked what she should get Zach for Christmas and I gave her the blank stare and then said, "Duh! Another 'Kris' truck' of course!"

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heidizinha said...

that's really really sweet.