Monday, November 19, 2007

I should have been on the Mayflower!

I am compiling a list of things I am thankful for. Let me begin:

A Heavenly Father who loves me and knows me!
An incredible guy named Kris who is so good to me!
My family! My awesome family! Need I say more?
Porter. Kristen Porter that is. She's nuts, but you gotta love her!
My babies...Samantha, Hannah, Graydon, Alex, Haley, Brady, Blake, Harper, Savannah, Kennedy, Zachary, and one on the way!
Food. Oh I love food. Mmmmmm food! Yogurt, fruit, salads, chicken, etc... I just love food!
Pottery Barn!!! I can't shop there yet, but I can still be thankful for Pottery barn! hehehe!
A cute apartment! I love it here! Even if a big screen TV has taken over my living room, I still have the cutest place ever!
My job. It's flexible so I can play with all those babies! Now I just need to sign some deals! lol!
The earth with all its seasons, beauty, and grace. I know that is SOOOOO cheesy, but it's true! I love spring! I love summer! I love fall! I love winter! I love the sky! I love the trees! I love the mountains! Kris says I'm a tree hugger, and I'm proud of it!

Now it's Kristian's turn:

Boobies, legs, and tree huggers!
Zoey. (the dang dog)
Splenda lemonade...and lots of it!
The new floor at the church! Now I can play ball!
My family!
The fact that fat is the new skinny!
NIGEL BARKER! (hehehehehe! Kally slipped that one in here!)

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Kristen said...

Brenda? Do you have a friend that I don't know about??? hahaha.