Thursday, November 8, 2007

ANTM Wannabe?!?! Who me??!?!

Okay, so I admit it....I have a weakness for America's Next Top Model. Maybe it's not so much a weakness as an obsession! If I have to say it, I might as well. I AM OBSESSED WITH AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL!!!!! Not only do I watch the show religiously, but I even take it as far as to try to replicate their photos shoots. (see left)

Who cares if this little obsession should have stopped when I was 16. Who cares if I wasn't blessed with the long and lean look. And who cares if Tyra isn't my best friend (although I seem to think she is!). I still want to be America's Next Top Model!!!

Poor Kris. That is really all I have to say. He puts up with each episode, each photo shoot, each scream when I see one of the girls in print ads, and each drawn out story that Kristen (she too wants to be ANTM) and I tell him about our future photo shoot plans. Bless his soul...

For all the young girls out there who dream of being America's Next Top Model, I feel you! I understand the desire to get dressed up in crazy clothes, (see above) over the top makeup, and odd props and work it like you've never worked it before. So until Tyra calls and said I've made it in the big world of fashion, Kristen and I will continue to take ridiculously obnoxious pictures in even more ridiculously obnoxious outfits!

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Megan and Geren Tea said...

I love that show too! I especially love the marathons on MTV. and I am sorry, but I am going to be ANTM! (although your picture tops anything I could ever do... you are so hardcore!)