Monday, September 22, 2008

To do list

Decided to compile a list of 25 things I would love to do in my life. (Note- this list doesn't include everything I want to do, just the 25 items I thought of today!)

1. Go to the temple with my hubby
2. Go skating on a frozen pond
3. Finish our home!!!
4. Have children
5. Cut down our own Christmas tree from the woods, like we did when I was younger
6. Open an indoor play center
7. Travel to Whistler, BC
8. Go scuba diving
9. Scrapbook all my high school memories
10. Teach my kids to play soccer
11. Take violin lessons, again!
12. Learn to ballroom dance
13. Shower in a waterfall
14. Travel to Italy to see my ancestors homeplace
15. Finish my childrens book
16. See the Grand Canyon
17. Travel to Europe...and I mean all of Europe!
18. Do a significant amount of charity work
19. Grow a garden so I can eat tomato sandwiches whenever I want
20. Go up in a hot air balloon
21. Have my portrait painted
22. Go to Australia
23. Go to a concentration camp in Germany
24. Complete a triathalon
25. Let all my friends and family know how much I love them


Kristin said...

GOOD LIST..KALLY...everybody should make a list of what they would like to accomplish or do in their lifetime..

Ryan and Laura said...

well Kally, you can definitely let me know how much you love me when you stop by on Oct 10. I know that I have an appointment that afternoon but keep me posted- I'd love to see you guys...maybe even have you over for dinner if you don't have dinner plans? Hope you're doing well ;)

The Tea Leaf said...

ooooo... shower in a waterfall! I have now added that to my list of things to do. I never thought of it before. I miss you.